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Welcome to R-Riddle! This page consists of a series of riddles or tasks, that can be solved with the help of the programming language R. You could use other languages as well, but some of the tips and solutions are R-specific and some riddles are tailored towards R. The main inspiration for this site is the Python Challenge. Some riddles are taken from there. Check it out!


At each level, you get a task which has a string of letters and/or digits as solution. To go to the next level, change the ending of the URL to .../YOURSOLUTION.html. For example, if the solution is "hamster", change the URL to "https://msf5.neocities.org/rriddle/hamster.html". Sometimes you need data to solve a riddle. Data or instructions on how to download data are given at the buttom of each riddle. In general, the riddles get harder over time. There are currently 7 levels. Most of the riddles are solved much easier if you write code. Many of them could be solved by hand, but this is very tedious. Nevertheless, there are some tasks that are best solved with other methods. Sometimes there are hints on how to solve a riddle. Try first if you can solve a riddle without these hints. You can display a hint by clicking on it.

Hint 1

This is an example of a hint.

The first 2 tasks are for training. After that, the real challenge begins!

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If you are really stuck or just want to skip a riddle, you can look up the solutions to every riddle here.